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New Product For PRO-QUIP: Welker

We are pleased to announce that Welker has appointed PRO-QUIP, Inc. as their new area Representative.   Welker has come to be recognized as a world leader in quality and innovative equipment for the oil and natural gas industry. Welker has set the standard in the sampling industry for more than 60 years.

We want to achieve getting the most representative sample in the most efficient way. From conditioning processes to sampling directly, we will simplify the application without sacrificing the quality of the solution. Our expertise and array of products make us the central hub for all of your sampling needs. Welker Home Page

Sampling Systems
•OdorEyes - Natural Gas Odorizers
•Hydrocarbon Sampling
•Injections or Extractions

Protectoseal Series 10 Nitrogen Blanketing Valve 
Protectoseal Series No. 10, Pilot Operated Tank Blanketing Valve, is designed to regulate the flow of a blanketing gas (usually Nitrogen) into the vapor space of a flammable liquids storage tank. The valve senses the pressure in the vapor space and opens to allow a flow of gas into the tank when the pressure drops below its set point. When tank pressure returns to the valve's set point, the flow of gas is stopped.