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Process Equipment Specialists

PRO-QUIP is a primary source for all types of control valves, from general purpose to severe service valves. Our offering includes safety relief devices and industrial instrumentation as well.

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Pressure Relief Devices

PRO-QUIP's pressure relief valves are a common safety device for vessels and piping. With reliable operation and industry-leading performance, our valves ensure over-pressure protection in a variety of industrial settings.


PRO-QUIP's valve actuation solutions provide reliable power to open or close valves and dampers while reporting current position. Our electric, pneumatic, and electro-hydraulic operators offer linear, 90-degree rotation, and multi-turn capabilities, offering you optimal production efficiency.


Control Valves

PRO-QUIP's control valves are designed to precisely control pressure, flow, level, and temperature. Our versatile valves use positioners to provide accurate control via electrical, hydraulic, or pneumatic signals. With PRO-QUIP, have process control in any industry.

Instruments & Analyzers

PRO-QUIP's advanced instrumentation technology measures and controls process variables such as pressure, temperature, and other parameters. By providing corrective output signals, our technology ensures optimal performance and industry compliance.

Isolation Valves

PRO-QUIP's isolation valves are engineered for maximum performance, fully open to allow flow through pipes, or fully closed to prevent flow. Our valves are designed to be rugged and reliable, ensuring precise control in any industry.

Control Valve Service & Repair

At Pro-Quip, trust us to maintain and revitalize your equipment with heightened efficiency at an expert level valve repair, refurbishment, & recalibration: on-site or at local service center for plant outages, turn-arounds, or shut downs.

Valve Automation

Mounting hardware and labor is available for almost any pneumatic or electric automated valve. We can provide a wide variety of automation accessories for position feedback, reduced stroke time, manual over-ride and fail-safe mode to suit you application.

Field Service

Through our extensive offering of manufacturers we can repair, retrofit, or refurbish any variation of valves at your plant-site. Emergency repair services are available and we prioritize the implementation of high quality, factory authorized parts in our repairs.

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